Discover one of the most enigmatic archaeological finds in history

More than 150 original-sized replicas compose this exhibition: warriors, horses and battle carriages, weapons and war-related elements, jewerly… a duplicate of #1 pit that includes 80 warriors surrounded by a diorama and interactive elements, a documentary about the archaeological finding, free kids-workshops on weekends and holidays…

A journey through time.
A unique experience for the whole family.

Outside the pit you can admire eight impressive reconstructions of human figures, larger than the real size of people at that time, representing men from different stratums: governors, officers and soldiers of various ranks and specialties, along with horses, weapons, jewellery, everyday tools and art.

Explanatory boards and audio guides allow us to know more about the so called "Eighth Wonder of the World".

A documentary about the archaeological finding completes this exhibition. It tells the intriguing story of the discovery of the Terracotta Army by a group of Chinese farmers in March 1974.